Top Dog Tutoring, Inc.
From students:

“I will never be able to thank you enough for all the help you have given me with SATℿI & II preparation‿you helped me uncover the potential I never knew I had. I give you my deepest gratitude‿

“…When I started meeting with you in August, I dreaded even the slightest mention of standardized testing. After our studying, however, I am a much more confident test taker and I feel better prepared for handling the multitude of tests that I will surely encounter over the next several years. Walking into the test center, I knew that I had worked hard and that there was no reason why I shouldn’t do well. I should certainly benefit from my higher scores in the college application process‿Thanks again for all your time and dedication!"

“Thank you so much for all of your guidance these past few years. You were so much more than helpful. Your intelligence never ceases to impress me‿

From parents:

“You are an exceptional teacher with impeccable credentials‿

"Let me start by saying THANK YOU!‿I can see a marked difference in ____’s attitude, maturity, confidence and independence at home‿It also appears to me (grades are the best they’ve ever been) that ____ performance in the classroom has improved."

“Very pleased with the approach and attention to what my ____ needed to focus on for the test. Walter Warneck did a great job."

“Walter has been a fabulous tutor for his knowledge, patience & especially for the confidence he has instilled in ____."

“Walter’s style was perfect for ____…Walter gave ____ the confidence and the skills to do well‿articulated well the areas that were weak and showed exactly how to improve‿(I) would strongly recommend Walter."

"____ was very pleased with you as a tutor."

“…definite advantages to knowing what they’re looking for when they score the writing test. ____ gained confidence."

“Walter was just great—worked so well with ____—really motivated ____ and taught ____ great test taking strategies."

"I specifically recommended Walter."  

“Very pleased. I think ____ was more confident about his test-taking abilities after this prep‿Walter knows exactly what is right for ____."

“____’s scores improved markedly from the 1st to the second SSAT‿____ thought the test-taking strategies were especially helpful‿____ liked Walter very much."

“Walter was confident, kind and very helpful for my fourth grade ____ who was very nervous! I have ____ more children who will need ISEE help—Walter get ready!"
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